all time favourite fics || when autumn comes, it doesn’t ask by pornyziallfeels

"You uh…" His brow furrowed up on his forehead as he dug into the pocket of his holey jeans, retrieving a tiny slip of paper.

"Horan?"  He read, squinting as though he usually wore glasses but just couldn’t be bothered this morning

"Niall, actually but yeah…nice to meet you." He stepped forward offering an outstretched hand to the darker boy who just looked at it a minute before sighing.

"Alright, suppose I ought to give ya a proper look around yeah?"  Even though it was posed as a question the older boy didn’t wait around for an answer, taking off in the direction of an old brick building, expecting Niall to follow behind. Dropping his hand Niall did so, trotting slightly to keep up with the other boy’s long strides.

“Erm, ok…and you are?”

“Zayn Malik, 2nd year graphic design major. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.” The tail end of his introduction dripped with sarcasm as he mimed tipping his hat to him. Niall sighed internally; it figured he would get stuck with the least enthusiastic student in the university.

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